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Pure Beauty Skin Laser Care 300x226 - IPL Facial Treatment in Orange CountyDo you have sun damage, rosacea, redness, or visible veins on your face? Do you have unwanted hair on your chin or upper lip? If so, our IPL facial treatment in Orange County might be just what you need to regain self-confidence, smooth your complexion, and reduce the growth of unwanted hair.

Also known as intense pulsed light treatments, IPL treatments use short bursts of high-intensity light to penetrate your skin’s surface. From there, the light works by damaging hair follicles related to unwanted facial hair or the concentrated areas of melanin that cause brown spots frequently seen with sun damage. Intense pulsed light can also target blood vessels that result in rosacea or red spots on your face.

For more information about intense pulsed light treatments at our center, and to find out if they might work for you, contact Pure Beauty Medical Spa today.

How are IPL treatments different from laser treatments?

IPL Facial Treatment in Orange County 2 300x226 - IPL Facial Treatment in Orange CountyBoth intense pulsed light treatments and laser treatments help to minimize the appearance of dark spots and other imperfections in the skin. IPL treatments are most commonly used for veins and broken capillaries in the skin, as well as brown spots that result from sun damage. Laser treatments are often used more specifically for issues like fine lines and wrinkles. IPL is an ideal treatment if there is a large area of the skin that needs to be targeted, or if you are going for boarder results like overall increased firmness, reduced signs of aging, and diminished blemishes. In contrast, laser treatments target specific, smaller areas of the skin. Your medical professional can evaluate the skin issues that you are experiencing and help you determine whether or not IPL facial treatment in Orange County is ideal for you and your skin care needs.

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