Pure Beauty Acne Treatment Orange County 300x143 - Acne Treatment Orange CountyAt Pure Beauty Medical Spa, we are committed to helping our patients improve their self-confidence. As a result, we handle a lot of skin care issues, like excess hair, uneven skin tone, and more. We also offer acne treatment in Orange County for individuals who are suffering from acne prone skin. Additionally, we provide laser treatments for acne scarring.

What causes acne?

Acne develops when the hair follicles on your face become clogged with dead skin cells and oil. These follicles are connected to glands that introduce an oily substance called sebum into your skin and hair. When these follicles become plugged, the excess oil and dead skin causes bacteria to develop.

Contrary to popular belief, dirt and greasy foods do not cause acne. However, there are some factors that can contribute to the development of acne or worsen the condition.

  • Bacteria build-up
  • Oil overproduction
  • Hormones (these can affect sebum production)

When should I see a medical professional for acne?

Acne Treatment Orange County 2 300x226 - Acne Treatment Orange CountyAcne is a nuisance that most individuals struggle with at some point in their lives, most commonly in the teenage years. While it is common to think that acne will eventually clear up on its own, that is not necessarily the case. Many individuals require the assistance of a skin care expert to get their acne under control.

In addition to reasons related to self-confidence and self-esteem, acne can also be a sign of a more significant illness or medical condition. You should seek the advice of a medical professional if your acne is large, contains large amounts of pus, is painful, or is in any way affecting the way that you live your life. Rather than allowing acne to change the way you feel about yourself, you can contact our office today for acne treatment in Orange County that greatly improve the look of your skin.

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